Bitless and Beautiful at the Equus Film Festival

Winnie Award Winner!!

Bitless and Beautiful, in partnership with More Salt Productions, was selected to screen 3 pieces of film at the 2017 Equus Film Festival in NYC.

The festival was an incredible celebration! Bitless and Beautiful and their mission were embraced with open arms and their body of work was awarded the People Helping Horses Winnie Award!

Our documentary, Riding With Mercy, is a core part of our mission. We believe in horse people and understand that education and awareness are our greatest tools to bring positive change to horses and the world at large. Please consider donating to support our filmmaking work and other outreach with the button below!

You can enjoy our body of work below. Please share and spread the word!


Riding with mercy

After decades of riding and training horses in the US Equestrian Leagues, Nina Heller had a wild awakening. Following the guidance of a very special horse, Nina is confronting the traditional approach to riding and training horses and forging a new path that embraces communication rather than control, and love in contrast to domination. Our film explores this evolution and follows Nina as she coaches young athletes to be activists and trains horses in a radically new way.


The 5 building blocks to bitless

Our educational film encourages and celebrates equestrians who are actively seeking a richer, more rewarding relationship with their equine partner. We offer detailed instruction, tips, encouragement and support for those on the journey to bitless riding and training. Our goal is to demystify and promote the bitless movement.



Featuring original music by Josh Fields, our video for Bitless is a celebration of our relationships with horses, and a call to action to speak up and speak out, to give voice to the domesticated horse, who has suffered in silence.

Riding with Mercy

The 5 Building Blocks to Bitless